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Vietnam Macro and Strategy Report Updated to August 2023


Vietnam Macro and Strategy Report Updated to August 2023

Nhat Anh Le Thi

Sep 1, 2023

  1. Strategic Geographical Location

Vietnam is located on the arterial maritime routes connecting the Pacific - Indian Ocean, Europe - Asia, and the Middle East - Asia, serving as a vital nexus in international commercial and military transportation.

Situated at the "gateway" to the East Sea with an extensive coastline spanning 3,260km, and positioned as the heart of Southeast Asia, Vietnam safeguards pivotal economic and trade interests within the region and the global context.

Endowed with a humid tropical monsoon climate, unique location and territorial morphology, Vietnam enjoys a diversity of nature (distinctive conditions between the North and the South). The richness of mineral and biological resources is indispensable for the nation’s economic advancement. Vietnam possesses the world’s preeminent mineral reserves, including antimony, barite, bauxite, bismuth, copper, fluorspar, graphite, nickel, rare earth, silica sand, silver, tin, titanium, and tungsten.


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